Hogan, portrait, copyright Anne Kessler Shields, 1991-92

Judy Hogan, poet and publisher portrait by Anne Kesler Shields, 1991-1992. Part of a larger painting, entitled, "WOMEN OF LETTERS: A Group Portrait of NC Writers"

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Judy Hogan will be teaching creative writing in the winter of 2020 — Jan-Mar. See Classes for details.


Eleven mysteries, the most recent being Fatality at Angelika's Eatery: the Eleventh Penny Weaver Mystery.

– See Mysteries for news on all eleven.

– See Poetry for news about Those Eternally Linked Lives, a new poetry book from Big Table Publishing in Massachusetts, January 15, 2018.

Grace: A China Diary, 1910-16 came out April 2017 from Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Judy Hogan
Poet, Writer, Thinker

"When human beings are involved, you can always do something. There is always hope for change."
    — Welford Wilson

The First Penny Weaver Mystery about Fracking
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Angelika's Eatery is a favorite lunch place for activists and small farmers. Fred Ainsworth, who owns 500 acres, started a commune which ten farmers joined, paying cash. When Fred is found dead in the restaurant, Penny and her friends Sammie, and Lilly, lead detective in the Sheriff Department, work on solving the death. They learn from Fred's banker that he was broke. In the legislature their representative Rick Clegg leads the fight against fracking while the banker tries to legalize it. The farmers learn Fred had sold his fracking rights to a fracking company. Penny and her husband Kenneth now live in the black community in the village of New Springs in a green home designed and built for them by their neighbor Arnold, who lost the most money when Fred died penniless and is top murder suspect. The three women, calling themselves the Cahoots, work to find the killer.

Links: NC Writer's Network, NC WARN, The Sallie Bingham Women's History and Culture Collection, Carolina Wren Press, Postmenopausalzest, Mainly Murder PressWild Embers Press, Finishing Line Press

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